The problem of compartmentalization

One of the serious problems we who follow Jesus face is the compartmentalization of our lives and our faith. Our cultures direct us toward thinking in compartmentalized ways because so much of our lives are compartmentalized. We have our work life which extends from 8 to 5. We have our family life, which happens if the work life does not encroach upon our family life. We have our date night if our work life does not encroach upon that one evening a week. And the list of our compartments goes on an on and on Рsort of like these lockers:


One of the compartments of our lives is our faith. This is the most frustrating of all – because we don’t want that to be a compartment. We want to live for the Lord. The problem is that we don’t know how to open up the faith compartment so its fragrance can permeate who we are and what we do. The faith compartment can only be opened up in the early morning when we do devotions, and on Sunday.

So, we live frustrated lives. We envy those who get to “live for the Lord” like pastors and ministers; and we wish we could do that. This frustration is directly linked to how we have been trained to think compartmentally about our lives.

Our approach to faith and life is meant to be more like a spider’s web.


Whenever you touch one part of a spider’s web you touch the whole web – even the center. And who is the center of a believer’s life? Jesus.

So, what is the implication of seeing faith and life like a spider’s web rather than a series of compartments?

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