Race in America: Reflecting on our Assumptions about Race

The time for racial reconciliation is always now. However, for many of us, our assumptions about race actually hinder racial reconciliation. Those of us who are white tend to have a Reaganesque view of race (and poverty). Well, I suggest that the time is now for us to reconsider some of our fundamental assumptions (our stoicheion) about race in America.

To help this process, please take the time to watch the miniseries “Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise” which is available on Amazon. It is only four one-hour episodes. This will open our eyes to some of the very complicated but often neglected issues impacting race in America. The miniseries does not take a politically partisan view of race (the Obama Administration made as many mistakes as its predecessors). It takes a broader social science perspective. I think you will find that this was well worth your time. Let’s take racial reconciliation seriously.


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